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We specialize in importing and marketing spare parts for heavy equipment and trucks of all kinds. We are distinguished by being certified agents and marketers for international companies and factories.

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Machine and Diesel Engines Division

Our organization is distinguished by providing all spare parts for the installation of the machine and diesel engines such as Caterpillar, Komatsu, Cummins, Volvo, mitsubishi and other engines Providing high-quality spare parts thanks to its contracts with well-known international companies for precision manufacturing.
Over the years, our customers have enjoyed great comfort to provide the largest amount of engine repair parts, as all our spare parts are fully guaranteed.

exoskeleton department

Our organization works with all its capabilities to provide all spare parts External equipment of all kinds and sizes to achieve the satisfaction of our customers in terms of product quality, competitive prices, iron quality selection and testing Necessary before starting manufacturing to ensure product quality and gain the trust of our customers

Hydraulic system department

Our company works on providing a comprehensive hydraulic system, including hydraulic bells, hydraulic bells, and piston repairs.
Hydraulics and checked by our experts and presented to our customers with the greatest accuracy, quality and guarantee of our products

Truck spare parts department

Al-Asala Corporation provides all spare parts for trucks, Volvo, Mercedes, and Houda High in spare parts, accuracy in manufacturing, and goods guarantee

Various departments that our organization provides

There are other departments that our organization is distinguished for in providing all kinds of heavy equipment and engines, as it provides its customers with gearboxes for all heavy equipment It is distinguished by its provision of all diesel system spare parts, cooling, oil, and turbos, all types of filters, all types of pomegranates, all types of air, oil, diesel and hydraulic filters, all types of screws and plugs, and the provision of all spare parts for equipment and engines.


Products Warranty

We offer a guarantee for most of our products because we are keen to serve our customers

Good Prices

We are distinguished by our reasonable prices while maintaining the quality

Original parts

All of our parts are original and of high quality

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